What to Consider When Hiring Logistics Workers

Posted: April 16, 2020

Increased demand is considered desirable in any industry, but if your distribution arm can’t keep up with the demand, it can lead to lost sales and unhappy customers. That’s why using temporary workers for warehouse staffing is helpful. It allows you to create flexible warehousing solutions and maintain order cycles without disruption.

While the goal of hiring temporary logistics workers is to keep business operations functioning normally, you can run into serious problems if you don’t prioritize making the right hires.

Here are a few things to consider when hiring logistics workers.

Make training a priority

The logistics workforce has continued to find ways to make a career in this industry desirable. Competitive pay will always be important, but many young people are naturally attracted to innovative companies that invest in their staff. People want to know that their work has meaning and purpose. When hiring logistics workers, treat them as valuable individuals and work together to create opportunities for professional development.

Take the time to develop training programs and offer on-the-job training for candidates who want to improve specific skills. Training your logistics workers isn’t just about growing new skills. It’s also about shaping a workforce that fits into your desired company culture.


Outline opportunities for job advancement

Logistics workers view temporary work assignments as great opportunities that could lead to full-time positions. And many temporary workers are looking for these “temp-to-hire” opportunities and appreciate the chance to see if the hiring company is a place where they could build a career.

Additionally, the use of temporary labor is not just a strategic play to manage volume spikes. It can lead to dozens and even hundreds of extended hiring opportunities that result in the full-time hiring of qualified workers to plug the talent gap.


Follow expert guidance

If your company lacks the time, process or skills to diligently define and execute an effective hiring process, contracting this task out to a staffing agency might be the way to go. Many staffing agencies focus on searching, screening and hiring exclusively for the logistics industry. Maintaining a close relationship with your staffing partner ensures that when you need warehouse staff in a hurry, your partner will deliver them.

Additionally, staffing agencies keep track of workers’ skills and certifications, such as qualifications for a forklift driver, where inexperience can lead to product damage and serious injury. At Staffline, we make sure your workers are qualified for the job before they start, saving you time and money.