Why Temp-to-Hire Can Make Good Business Sense

Posted: January 15, 2020

Your business is shorthanded. You could use a few more people, but you’re hesitant to hire anyone full time. Maybe it’s time to hire temps for a short period, until the work is completed or a more qualified full-time employee fills the gap.

Temp-to-hire is a working arrangement in which an employee is hired temporarily – usually through a staffing agency – with the possibility of the position becoming a full-time one.

There are numerous benefits to hiring a temporary employee.


Temp-to-hire offers flexibility

One of the biggest advantages in a temp-to-hire scenario is the flexibility it offers. If your business is seasonal in nature or sees an unexpected increase in demand, hiring temps can ensure labor needs are consistently being met.

Another advantage of using a temporary employee is the opportunity to evaluate a worker’s performance before offering them a permanent position. You can gauge their productivity, reliability and how well they fit in with your company culture. Temporary employees can also help you fill openings caused by employee absences, such as vacations, illnesses and maternity or disability leaves.


Hiring temps saves you time and money

When you hire temps through a staffing agency, you are not responsible for recruiting, hiring, screening, or testing. Additionally, your staffing partner will provide services for payroll, unemployment compensation insurance, and taxes. This allows you to stay focused on current demands and leave the hiring process and often complex employee management issues in the hands of a trusted expert.

If you later decide to hire your temp as a full-time employee, they will already be familiar with the ins and outs of your business. You won’t have to spend time and money recruiting, training and investing in a new candidate.


Hiring temporary employees allows you to focus on your business

Many small companies don’t have a dedicated HR department or hiring manager in charge of recruiting, interviewing and hiring. And when they do, it’s often one person handling all hiring responsibilities. In other cases, company owners are tasked with recruiting, interviewing, and hiring, leaving them with less time to focus on growing their business. A staffing agency can handle the recruiting so you can focus on growth and opportunity.

When you hire temps, they bring in a fresh perspective of the company and can add a lot of value in a short span of time. They’re available and ready to help your business when you need it most. If you need help but don’t want to risk investing in a bad hire, a temp-to-hire solution might be right for you.


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